Piano Lessons

Christine specializes in teaching piano to preschoolers and young children.  As an experienced early childhood music educator, she knows how to engage the interest of very young learners (and she’s always ready to pull out her bag of tricks to capture their precious attention spans!).


Through a variety of fun and stimulating activities, Christine helps beginning students develop essential keyboard skills such as rhythmic understanding, pre-reading and reading of notation, listening, and improvisation.  In particular, she aids students as young as four in achieving beautiful piano technique–an undertaking made super fun thanks to Christine’s band of puppet helpers!

Most of all, Christine strives to create a highly positive learning environment for her piano students, setting the youngest musicians among us off on a great start for a life-long pursuit of joyful music making.

If you’re interested in scheduling lessons with Christine and/or learning more about her approach to teaching piano, please get in touch!